How Can I Increase Active Buyer request!


I knew from from Fiverr Forum is that “If I create different gigs from different category then I can get more active buyer request on my account”. Already I create Five gigs from 3 different category But I can’t get more active buyer request. My Active buyer request option varies from 10 to 15. That’s why I can’t send more buyer request. Also I know from this forum Buyer request is the main key to success in fiverr. If I can’t send 10 buyer request in daily Obviously I can’t get good response from buyer. I think It’s a big problem for getting my success. I want some suggestion from expert for "How can I increase my active buyer request"
Thanks in Advance.


As a new seller i also felt the same issues few days ago.
When i change the Gig tag and also i put appropriate gig details, then i saw my buyer request has been increased.

You can also try this.



Every gig I’m using 5 different different tag and It’s also different from other gigs tag. But It’s not working in my profile.