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How can I increase clicks?

I have gotten a lot of impressions in the last 7 days (around 300) but I didn’t get even 1 click. Hope someone can tell me what to do to increase my clicks. Thank you!
Here is my link to my gig :


This is my same problem.


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Isn’t making the same gig like against fiverr?

It’s against Fiverr’s ToS to create duplicates of the same gig . Do not do it. It is unfair on other sellers who only offer one gig within that niche. Edit your gig description and photos, leave it for a month or so, and then look back on your analytics and see what’s working and what isn’t


Well no if you change the name and desc they count it as different

Its a common thing that people do if their gig is doing good. but in your case your gig isn’t doing that well but I’m sure it will work

Well since Hazel said it’s agianst Fiverr’s ToS i won’t do it

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Ok Sorry for the irrelevant info, Have a nice day!


Or night I should say

No problem infinute, Have a nice day too


Share on all social media to increase your gig clicks.

I know but it doesn’t always work as of my audience