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How can I increase my daily clicks on my gig even if my gig is ranking in search with good gig images?

Hi, hope everyone is fine over here!

I have had a question in my mind and I was looking for an answer to it. I am new on Fiverr and it is just a month since me I have joined Fiverr. I came to this platform after taking all the key knowledge for getting started and until now I have created 7 gigs on my account and within 30 days I got my first order which was a custom order and it was of 64 dollars. I got a good review over that overall my first experience was amazing but the thing which I am wondering is that even if I have a good review on my gig but still my gig is not getting a good response from the impressions and clicks side though I have done a good SEO of it also the average click rate on my gigs is 2 or 3 clicks per week and about 250 impressions per week would someone please guide me that how I can improve them to get more prominent in search results? I would feel good reading your kind advice.