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**How can I increase my fiverr gig impression.?**

Hi there, How are you? I had create a gig 20 days ago . unfortunately my gig is not increasing impression.I am very worries for this.Please possible to anyone give me some idea for this.I am waiting for forum service.

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Share your gig links on social media and many platform let them visit your page.

Thanks your so much for your advise . Please possible to visit my profile and give me your opinion about my gig and profile details.

Thanks for your cooperative :slight_smile:

Below are some suggestions which would be helpful to any new seller:

  1. Do not begin with big selling gigs. Like if you are a graphic designer do not start with gigs such as facebook, twitter, youtube banners or flyers, brochures, business card. Search on Fiverr and get gigs on graphic design which have at most 100 reviews.
  2. Always send your proposal to the buyer requests. (Available under selling section)
  3. Keep sharing your gigs on Facebook and Twitter as those social media clicks help a lot in gaining more impressions.
  4. Provide double the features as compared to an established seller. Like providing the source file for free, unlimited revisions.
  5. Make sure your gig has the delivery period of 24 hours.
  6. Also, make the gigs description as described as possible. Try to make use of at least 1000 characters of possible 1200 characters.
  7. Add some FAQ to your gig because I have observed that your gig rankings improve if you have them in your gig. Probably Fiverr likes that.
  8. If you have available now feature, then keep it on whenever you are online.


Hi hire_usl,
Thanks for your instruction . I really appreciate for your cooperative. I have completed all of instruction that is you provide me for improve my rank. But last 20 days i get only one order from buyer request.
I hope i need to more attractive my profile . What you thinking about my opinion?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Write your gig service and share fb,twitter,linkdin and many other social site

thanks you so much for your instruction

Do you have multiple accounts?

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