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How can i increase my gig click and views and impression


thanks a lot

`My all gig going down, anyone help me how to improve my GiG


by promote your gigs on social media you can increase your views and clicks


It’s really important to know all of us.


It’s very important that your gig should be unique. If you are offering a services for which there are already many gigs then better is to make it competitive in terms of pricing and detailed explanation in gig details.

Examples, tests and letting your gig stay and unchanged for sometime is the key. If you keep on changing the details of a gig it won’t stay anywhere. Give atleast 7-15 days to a gig by doing proper working for your gig. See trends in analytics and then improve it and again wait for sometime to view the effect.

Make sure if you get any order no matter small or big. Do it to your best get best comments and rating. This will add fuel to the fire.

Best of luck :slight_smile:


At first, optimize your gig perfectly, there are ton’s of articles about it so find out and do it. Then promote your gig on social media as well. Hope you will be happy :heart_eyes:


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