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How can I increase my gig impression and clicks

My gig impression is down day by day I need increase gig impression and click so how can I do this ?


This question is asked multiple times a day.

Do a SEARCH on the forum for this topic, and you will have plenty of reading material.



I already read the article but I think it’s not the way to increase impression and clicks so i want to know how can I get impression and clicks if anyone know the solution please tell me

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There are more than ONE articles/threads on this.

I guess you just want answers spoon fed to you and not do your own research.

Impressions are just how many times your Gig is shown on Fiverr’s site.
Clicks are potential buyers clicking specifically on your Gig to learn more.

If you are not getting clicks, then, it is because something about your Gig is not interesting enough.



Try to find out what other sellers are lacking in your field

Once you find it, take the advantage of it!

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I already posted this before but I think I’ll copy/paste it here for you.

You need to analyze your gig statistics:

  1. First if you’re not getting any impressions on your gig, try editing it a little by changing title and different key words(search tags). You’ll have to think as a buyer for this.

  2. Secondly if you’re having impressions but no clicks ,it means you need make the title and front picture of the gig more attractive as these are only things the buyer see before clicking (except reviews)

  3. Finally if you’re getting clicks as well but still no orders, this means you need to make description of the gig better, try making a gig video , try adding FAQs, or maybe changing prices might help.

I hope this helps you get your orders.


Ok Thanks bro :heart:

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Thank you bro :heart:


thanks for your advice…

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I will suggest you. Research your gig again and try to edit little bit. like gig title or description and try to create a attractive gig image for increase click in your gig day by day.

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Welcome to Fiverr Forum :grinning:
I hope below tips will help you to get more impression and clicks

1.Be active on Fiverr always
2.create more attractive gig image and gig title
3.Keep you title short (60 word)
4.Offer Something unique and gain more order​:grinning::grinning:


Thanks bro I will try to active on fiverr :heart: :heart: