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How can I increase my gig’s impressions and views?

I am marketing on Facebook and twitter regularly but do not click on my gig.
Now how can I increase my gig’s impressions and views?

Need your massive support pls…


You cannot control gig impressions. Impressions are only registered on Fiverr, when someone searches for keywords related to your gig, and it shows up in the search results – or when someone visits the category for your gig, and it shows up on the list of gigs.

If you want more views, you’re going to have to either make your gig more appealing in the Fiverr search results, or bring in your own traffic via your own marketing efforts. If your repeated posting of links on your Facebook and Twitter feeds isn’t resulting in traffic, than that would indicate that your target customers are not connected to you on Facebook and Twitter.

If you want more customers, go wherever those target customers are located.


Thanks mate. It is very useful. :blush: :blush:

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