How can i increase my gig sell?


Nobody is always top at first,at first everybody is newbie,please give me some tip how can i goto first level?

this is my gig:


You should have someone who works with graphics make you a professional image for your gig. The one you have right now is poorly stretched clipart.

You should choose a nice photo of your own face for your profile picture.

You should tidy up your English a bit, or have someone trustworthy do it for you.

And like Raza said, explore other gigs with similar services and see what it working for them. There are thousands of other PHP gigs out there - what can you do well better than others? What can you do specifically, that will be attractive to customers? You might consider making more than one gig, instead. One for setting up a contact form, one for adding a feature, one for fixing broken PHP. If people are searching for a solution to a problem, they are probably search more specifically than “all PHP work.” Think about the very specific things people are looking for, then make gigs for that.


You have to promote your gigs by blogging and SMO. You have to increase interaction in forums.


Try to share your all gig in your social market, explain what are you offering to your buyer,


To increase your gig ranking you need to explore that “TITLE” e.g you are offering MySql services so you need to explore these gigs. That which gigs are at top rank or you can say top rated seller. Why their gigs are at that position and which services they are offering. You also need to explore that which are the new gigs are at top position in recommend categories and what are the aspects that they acquired. Also take a look at those gigs search keywords and use those one which are mostly used my them. Also you need to be patience because I got my first order after a month.


Hello, My suggestions would be to add more info to your gigs, keep typing and adding in useful information until the full 1200 characters are used up.

Next I would focus on creating great eye catching graphics, you have to thing what makes your gig so specially that someone would click on it. Look at who you are competing with and try to make your gig more appealing.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Rob W.


@naziurbd use videos!