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How can i increase my gig views and impressions

my gig’s impression is still very low .I want traffic on my gig . i also use top rated tags and keyword but still disard. Give me suggestion how to increase impressions


Hello Arsal,

Here’s some tips for you to increase impression and view.

  1. Gig title: Title is the MAIN area you should be aware of. Your title must have the keyword of your service. It’s better to have more than one keyword in your title related to your service. It will increase the chance of getting your gig on search result by different keyword you used. This way you will have more impression.
  2. Gig image: Gig image is the second Important facts to think about. It’s the way you can get both view and Orders. Your gig image must be eye catching and best matches to your service.
    Pro Tips: If your gig isn’t performing well and it’s a new gig, try new image and wait for one day result. If your impression and view isn’t increasing, delete that image forever and try a different image and do the same. Repeat this method until you get the improvement of your gig impression and view.

I tried this method myself and found something very helpful.

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Promote your gigs on social media networks

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thanks i will try this.

yes i do this but not improve any thing

Fiverr has finally caught on to people who just copy keywords from top selling gigs.

That’s probably one of your problems right now.


how i can resolve it?

Stop doing it would be job #1 now wouldn’t it?

sir i also chose many keyword which is not be copywrite

What works good for others doesn’t mean it works with you also. Fiverr algorithm is programmed to rank honest sellers.

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