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How can I increase my gig's impression and attract buyers eyes?

Hi.I am a web designer.I am an expert of html/css file fixing,psd to html and responsive web design.But my gig’s impression is quite low.And I am not getting any order for my psd to html gig.Is there any problem with the gig?Expert help needed.

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You don’t need expert help. It’s very simple! All you need is sales, good customer service, avoid late orders and cancellations and try to get good reviews to grow your impression amounts.

Rarely there’s something wrong with a gig, but rather there’s competition and yours gets overshadowed until you have gathered several hundred reviews usually.

You can skip most of the waiting game by promoting your gig actively. Creating a blog where you discuss your gig in greater detail and link back to Fiverr is a good idea as well. You can then do SEO for that blog to give it big exposure in search engines.


Thanks.I get a clear idea.I will surely follow all the instructions :slight_smile:

Use buyer request and be active on forum

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Thank you :slight_smile:

please help me to get orders please check my gigs