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How can I increase My gigs Selling?

Hello Fiverr Forum,
Last 2 month i not got any buyer order.That’s the reason, i don’t know.But one thinks, I want more clicks in my gig.Can you tell me, anybody, how can i increase impression and how can I’m a best seller in fiverr?
Please help Me.I want your poor Suggestion.
Please here is my gig link

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From my quick look at your “gig” I can tell you that for a new seller, your prices are too high. Your basic package is $5.00 but your next level up is $80.00. You have to build yourself up to be deserving of such high prices. For example, I have an editing and proofreading “gig” and my prices start at $5.00, then $10.00; and finally, $20.00 for my premium services. I’m a Level One seller and recognize that I need to keep prices low to compete-- so do you.

Secondly, there are grammar mistakes throughout your “gig” description. It may be worth to fix the errors or get someone who can fix them for you.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


thanks brother.As soon as possible i will handle it a right path.

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dear @kayanwriting i like your comment…

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I also don’t get lot of clicks and impressions & haven’t got any order for the past month. Can someone tell me what i can do to get more orders? I’m really passionate in the field of graphics. I started doing this cause i’m interested, but this is making me feel down :pensive: Please help. Its the same story for all my gigs.
below is one of my gigs;

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