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How can i increase my order selling?

I got 1 order and i had done this.But now i don’t get any order.So pls anyone have good idea for how can increase selling?
If you have pls share with me the idea.

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Hey! I like the name of your page its very catchy! :grinning: About the rest, Im also new here so I dont know sorry :smile_cat:

Keep sending buyer requests.

Why he/she gave you 5 stars and said that it’s very bad ?

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@yurymuzlanov has a point there, dude!

That could give your potential buyers a contradictory idea about your work… and literally speaking: it is a contradiction.

I do advise you to check the Covers for your Gigs:
Logo Design
Background remove

You’re a professional Graphic Designer, show it on your covers!



it was his mistake…he told me…
I am sending message but he answer me after 5 days …that’s why didn’t he change this message.

Thanks for your advise

Why are you using an image taken from Themeforest as your gig cover?

If you are a true designer create your own design.

Best of luck.


I’m 99% sure you are the incarnation of that common thought:

“Uh… I believe I’m missing something…” :neutral_face:


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can you tell how to send request to buyer.

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