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How can i increase my ratings without offers

Hi, I am out of bids i can’t place offers on any request it says You must have at least 90% positive rating to make new offers!

If there is anyone who could help me i will be very grateful, i need to get a job your feedback and comments would be appreciated. thank you

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To be honest out of 70 offers I ever sent I only ever got 5 messages back and 1 order so I wouldn’t really rely too much on it but I guess it might depend on what field you’re in.

I noticed you have a 3-star overall rating which are from orders that are at least 5 years old, so I was surprised when I clicked on your gigs and they looked as generic as they did. If it’s true that you do do photo-editing and graphic design then I’d recommend you actually spend time working on your gigs and your gig descriptions.

The gig images seem like you put no time or effort into them and the same can be said about the descriptions, the look like you just copied and pasted it from other generic sellers. Why not dedicate some time to writing a description fitting to who you are?

Lastly, there’s not really any branding going on between the gigs or your profile picture, I’d recommend working on a logo and finding a way to brand yourself since I personally wouldn’t hire a “graphic designer” who hasn’t taken the time to design for themselves.

Good luck!