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How can i increase my sales for animation Gigs



For the gig “I will do creative 2d animation for your satisfaction”:

  • it might be better with a different title

In the gig info video:

  • You could replace “He is logo designer” with “He is a logo designer”.
  • Maybe replace “But his sale is low” with “But his sales are low”
  • Maybe replace “He is very depress because of low sale” with “He is very depressed because of low sales”.
  • Maybe replace “And meet with…” with “And met with…”
  • Maybe replace “Now he get satisfy with his sale … than other sellers” with “Now he gets more satisfaction from his sales …than other sellers”.
  • In the video it puts the URL as “” instead of “” and says “I AM EXCLUSIVELY ON FIVER” instead of “…FIVERR”.

For the "I will do galvanising whiteboard animation for your business ":

  • Maybe replace the word “galvanising” with something else.

In the gig info video:

  • Maybe put a space after commas
  • Maybe change “one weak to month” to “one week to a month”
  • At 0:31 the “I’ve gotten a solution for you” - the “I” looks like a “J”.
  • It says “High Imapact” instead of “High Impact”
  • It says “Socail Media” instead of “Social Media”
  • It says “URL edittion” - I think that could be changed
  • In the video it puts the URL as “” instead of “

Also, as well as sending offers to buyer requests regularly, ensure each offer is written specifically for that request.


Ok thank you so much for your information.I will practice on your suggestion.Once again thank you