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How can i increase my sales?

Hello Guys !!

I am little bit confused that lots of peoples are earn very well from fiverr, bit my earning is not going good, so what can i do to increase my sales :frowning:

Waiting for your precious reply


same to me problem. i dont understand i have nice gigs but 2 months a go not buyer just msg me . in that issue fiverr should help us because new user disappointed.

Hi Cheery B,
I like your Gig description for your top-seller.
BUT - and that is an awfully big “but”, you forgot to proofread the text in your video.
I watched the first half of the video and decided that I would not order a video right now.

People will watch your video cause that is what they want to buy.

And yes, I am picky. And yes, I also look for errors. That is actually part of my job, which I am not advertising here.

Does that help?

You need to promote a little bit of your Gigs in order to drive Sales.

Promotion in Facebook, Linked in would be great.

You can see my profile…I m having only few reviews… but I m earning a handsome amount through custom offers.

And If you guess facebook promotion is costly, but there is also inside secret that how to reduce the cost of Facebook advertising!!!

This is my first day on forum and first post on forum.

The same problem of mine. I am new in here and I dont understand also how to increase selling.

And I am also afraid of, every body talks that anytime without any reason fiverr authority will block your account?Is it true or its a rumor. I am confused.

Please share your thoughts and give me the right path.


Hey everybody !!

Me too I have the same problems

I don’t sell anything :-S

please tell me what I must do ?
I have 6 Gigs without result [-(

thank you for answer me ;:wink:

Hi Majda,
I hope that my comments will help you in the future. I sent two messages with things I noted about your Gigs.
Note - you all - that there are people here on Fiverr who charge you for suggesting improvements for your Gigs.
Have a look around. $5 well spent might mean that you get lots of orders. (I am NOT offering such a service at the moment!)

HI any one can tell me why my gig not put in to recommended. is there any wrong please check and let me


Voicetex thanks for your precious comments, can you tell me can i share my GIGs on fiverr forum…??

Of course you can share your gigs. There is a designated part called My Fiverr Gigs. Select this when starting a new thread.
Then you can tell people about your Gigs and services and people might comment or even visit your profile and buy.
Enjoy your time

OK thanks allot Voicetex (:

you need to promote your gig in different social media sources !!
you also need to re-write your gig description according to seo, hope you will receive more and more Order soon :slight_smile:

Reply to @baloch4ever: First: you might want to remove the apple logo in your Gig “design Professional Logo 4 you” before a lawyer sees it.
I know that Apple inc. is very strict with the use of an apple.
As for the Gig description:
very minimalistic although it includes information. I have the same problem that I talk about me and my service.
I am now working on my descriptions to be about my customers. What to they expect to read? What is their problem?