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How Can I Increase My Selling

Hi Everyone!
I am new on fiverr, i have completed 5 orders, How can i increase my sellin?



Promote your gig on social media networks


Congrats on your first achievements on Fiverr journey! I’m not expert at your field, but about gig presentation, I think there is room to improve, like:

  • gig description: you can utilize formatting features like bold, italic, highlight, bullet to make your ideas easy to read
  • gig gallery: you are using only 1 image while we can use 3. Why not use them and present your service more appealing and more approachable to your potential client?
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You can “increase your selling” by convincing more of your target customers to hire you.

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Promote your gig on social media networks like facebook & twitter

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Does this really work??

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Nothing makes it easy
Your efforts can be made on commitment

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