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How can i increase my sells again!


Starting was too good in Fiverr but 6 months ago I stooped working here. Now I wanted to work here again that’s why I am promoting my gigs in social media but not getting any response. what should I do now for getting response from client.
Please, take a look at my profile…

I really would be look forward to get solution from expert.


you can promote your gigs social media like twitter, pinterest, link-ind more and more.


Thanks for response @tariqulgm. I am trying but not getting any response yet…


possible bro, you can see youtube tutorial
how to social media marketing.


Thanks again! @tariqulgm I definitely try it out


don’t forget to send offer everyday


Your are really very helpful. Thanks a lot @tariqulgm


thank you so much bro


Forget social media. Focus on optimizing your gig with proper keywords and relevant description.


Any details guidelines ?? I mean any blog links?? @webdealspro


What details? I am saying your gig should have 5 nice keywords when you create it. That helps in search. Create a short video and upload in the gig. You can check a gig of mine with a video:


Perfect. Thanks a lot @webdealspro