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How can i increase my sells?

can someone explain to me how i can increase my sells because i don’t have any views or traffic to my gigs.

Reading the many great articles in the Fiverr Academy is a good place to start. We are not going to make you successful, but you are more than welcome to read and explore how to do that on your own.

You need to take responsibility for your gigs. They are, after all, YOUR freelance business projects.

Why do you look so mad in your avatar picture? That’s an instant turn off for any client.

It might be the only photo of himself he has. At least it’s really him.
OP if you can get a friendlier photo of yourself it would help.

I agree re the photo and the correct spelling of the word professional would help.

The photo needs more dogs, imho

Harsh but actually helpful.

If I’m not mistaken it is “sales” and not “sells”, right?

Yeah you’re right.

Would be more helpful, if he use a dogy-style photo. :smiley:

Also be sure to use your own original image, not something you found online.
And yes, like other people are saying, you should use a photo with a more friendlier
expression. I don’t think you look angry, but more like uninterested.

The typos are still there, and you haven’t changed your profile pic.
If you are not willing to make any changes, why did you ask for help in the first place??

Sadly, the answer to that is: attention. He want’s attention. And he wants that attention to magically turn into sales (without him having to do anything). Even sadder is this: You’ll find his call for attention to be a common perspective among many new sellers on Fiverr. “Make me successful, so I can sit back and spend the money I didn’t have to work for.”

Well, first, you should change your photo. The first impression is very important for a buyer. You want to attract and drag the attention of the client, isn’t it? Ok, secondly, you should upgrade your description. 2 lines isn’t enough to attract the client. Write there who are you, what are your skills, what do you want to do here, on Fiverr. Your description of your gigs are too short. Why? Give all the details when you create a gig in order to avoid the confusions, but also to inform the client. That’s very important.
Be patient, I also were like you and I did all my best to gain clients and now, I am very happy. Promote your gigs on Facebook, Twitter or other social media networks and you will see improvements :smiley:
Be professional, be a good communicator who understand the requirements of the client, give him a piece of advice, don’t be rude or unresponsive. This is very important. And try to maintain the 5 star ranking. You will get more clients. :smiley: And please, try to improve your English skills. I saw you have some problems with the English vocabulary .