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How can I increase my view and clicks in my gigs



Now I am not getting order because of my gigs views and clicks are now very low.

So how can I increase it?

please help me…


My advice, don’t worry about the views and clicks. Focus more on improving your gigs, making them better and more efficient, and making use of the many tips posted in the TIPS FOR SELLERS. If you focus too long on the gig views and clicks, you’re only going to stress yourself out. Don’t worry about those stats. You can’t control them. You only have control over how your gigs are presented, and the efforts YOU make to promote those gigs.


Well you can update your gig(improve it) and if you do not have video to add. I think that might help you up to a certain point.


Reply to @jonbaas: Thanks


Reply to @macedon: Yes I have not added any video but what types of video can I add?