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How can i increase on my Gigs?

Hi Guys
I hope everyone is doing well.
My gigs Impressions have increased but clicks don’t.
What changes I should do?


Trafficking is illegal and highly unethical.


Hey Man , I’m not taking about that … I might write wrong spelling or you misunderstood the thing

I’m sure any kind of trafficking is against ToS.


i just want to say that how can i increase Impressions on my Gigs. That’s it Guys

Yes, you have. And the meaning is very, very different from what you intended.

And that could be your answer. You offer accurate typing, and yet you make mistakes you shouldn’t be making. Your posts have mistakes, too.

There are almost 50,000 gigs for data entry. You’re competing against all of them. With all the mistakes you make, why would someone hire you, and not someone better?


To add to what @catwriter said (which is all absolutely true), you have also plagiarized your gig descriptions from other Fiverr sellers, which is against the Terms of Service, can get you banned, and will surely not help you get orders.

Also, your thumbnails are not exciting, which can explain your low number of clicks.

I really find it amazing that people who plagiarize have the audacity to come to the forum asking for help.


Write some excellent and interesting topic about your gigs and share them to blogging website. You may get a good amount of interested people


Thanks for the correction.

Thank you so much, for letting me know this valuable thing about gig.

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I am sooooo confused. I thought @vibronx gave his advice to @mohith0, not @dmexpertmasud.

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You have to promote you gig in social media. then you can get more click. you can do gig marketing for getting impression and clicks.

Stay Safe


Multiple accounts?

Or @dmexpertmasud, just like @mohith0, wasn’t aware that stealing gig descriptions (or stealing in general) is wrong, and is thanking @vibronx for mentioning it?


Fiverr TOS… …

That was my first thought. :thinking:

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Hi @wp_web_develop
I’m new to Fiverr. I don’t know about Fiverr TOS.
Can you give me info about it?

Advance Thanks

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TOS means Terms of Service. When you signed up to Fiverr you had to tick the box that said you read all of them. If you have not go to the bottom of Fiverr’s main page and you will find them there.


I suggest you to share your gigs multiple times in social media platforms.

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No need multiple times sharing. The most important is content quality. If you post one in a single day with quality content that attract target customer to click that’s enough. It’s the way to get traffic from social. If you do a lot of post the specific platform will banned for violation. It’s my opinion. I learned by myself after facing something dangerous. @nazmulhbd


Stay & live with fiverr.

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