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How can I increase response rate?

Hello fiverr community,
I am a newbie and I have started to like fiverr more than any other marketplaces. Everyday I send about 5 offers against buyer’s requests and I get response from more than half of the buyers. I have never run into communication problem with anyone on fiverr. I have replied to every queries. Yet, my response rate has been declining for an unknown reason. Also, there are some conversations where buyer ended the conversation with a thank-you. And, that was the end of the conversation.
Now, I want to know from an expert that

  1. does the conversation always have to end from my end (if it has anything to do with response rate)?
  2. what determines response rate?
  3. Is the decline in response rate going to harm my gigs or account anyway?
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@shake_saeem you need to respond according to the average responce time which you have declared on your wall. Try to answer as quickly as possible regardless of the fact you know about the work or not. Try to use default quick responce pharases or reply as “Thanks for connecting here, we can start on this project but please provide me some more details about your work” etc. If you don’t know about the work or how to do that just make any reasonable excuse just like budget or due time shortage. I hope this will surely help to rise your responce rate.


As far as the answers to the questions you just asked, yes to increase your response rate you need to give at least one first reply as quickly as possible. Response rate affects your gigs and profile ranking. Gigs move at the top if you have good response rate and in turns, you will surely get more sales.

Dear Fiverr Freelance!
response rate is a very important aspect of your freelancing business. your response time should be good , it would be help to get better results. you can improve your response to to ask your friends to msg you and you reply them very quickly. if you do this may be it would help to make good response.
wishing you for good business