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How can I increase the clicks to my gigs?

How can I increase the clicks to my gigs?


You can share your gig on social media…


There are many groups on social media where people look for free lancers. You can share your gig on those places to get more clicks.


@senkumar The best way to send traffic to your gigs is social media, you can also have a blog where you talk about anything related to your services, you can use medium, your own website , blogspot , and anything that can create a link towards your gigs.
I personally use social media where i educate people about what im doing , and this is a great way for conversion, when you’re sharing don’t share just your gigs and sell them something, give your audience great content , that can teach them and help them with their business and from that when they need your services they won’t hesitate.
Hope this can help you. Good Luck :blush:


by attractive gig image create


thank you for your advice

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sounds great. thank you

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thank you for youre detailed input

thanks for response.

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As a ‘professional marketer’ you claim yourself to be, you do unprofessional moves. Suffice to say that your gig alone looks fishy to say the least.

To answer @senkumar question, well… you need to re-do everything about your gig as a whole.
Your profile description - no one really cares if you like to play chess or not. People come here to pay money for your services. :slight_smile:

Your main image is… not really informative nor do I see how it can attract potential customers. 60% of the reason why customers would want to click on your gig, is your image.

Gig’s description and its package description are super short and vague. Gives 0 reason for people to even bother ordering something. So work on that for starters.

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sent buyer request, Active and attractive gig images

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thanks for the detailed breakdown.
I will review my gig and release a new version soon.

You could give another feedback if you got few min. of your valiuable time.


did i have a good detailed profile