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How can I know my Gig passed review becuase it's now showing Newest Arrivals sections

Hello everyone

Recently I create new gig.

But i have few confusion about my gig. Because I don’t see my Gig in Newest Arrivals sections and I don’t know is my Gig passed fiverr review team. How can I know that is my gig is ok and how can I show it Newest Arrivals sections ?

Because your gig isn’t appearing in the search result. You can check it by searching your gig title in the search bar. I have also faced the same problem with my two new gigs. Then I had contacted to customer support & they solved it. After checking my gigs.

it’s not showing in search result. Now what can I do ?

Contact for customer support

submit a request here
choose your subject gig support next step you will easily understand.
They will send your gig to Trust & Safety team for review. If they approve your gig. Your gig will show in the search result.