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How can I know my ranking

My ranking was on the first page of the search result. Is this something that fluctuates?


Yes, everyone’s gig placement fluctuates.

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Pretty much all the time, even for Top Rated Sellers.

What can I do to avoid this?

What can I do to regain my previous place?

Nobody knows how the algorithm works, exactly. There’s no guaranteed way to keep a place on the first page.

Fiverr rotates sellers in search, so that everyone gets a chance to be seen. You were given some time on the first page, now it’s someone else’s turn.


I was on top of the search result because I was the only one with a level two badge.

Even Top Rated Sellers don’t always stay on top of the search result.

It’s a bad idea to take your place in search for granted. It can (and does) easily change.


OK! Thank you for the briefing. :heart:

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