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How can I know my recent positive rating?


Now I am under 90 positive rating that’s why I am not able to send any buyer request. Recent I got an order and completed with 5 :star2:. But it’s still under 90.thats why I cant send. I want to know how much 5 :star2: will need for able to send buyers request.


This is a matter of math, so you’d have to do some calculations (and maybe a bit of guesswork) to get a number. See this post as an example:

It may also help to know these rough estimates of what stars are worth:

5 stars is 100%
4.5 stars is 90%
4 stars is 80%
3.5 stars is 70%
3 stars is 60%
2.5 is 50%
2 is 40%
1.5 is 30%
and 1 star is 20%