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How can I know what is the total volume of a certian keyword that people search exactly on


Keyword Setting to know and search result.


This information is not published anywhere.


The only services that will be successful for you here on Fiverr are the services that YOU are skilled in completing. Offering services that you cannot complete is an almost certain way to fail as a freelancer. If you want to be successful, focus on what you can do, not what you think gets the most traffic.


The Fiverr is a marketplace for genuine freelancers who love to do their job in the right way and right time. What if you get the job of high price and you are not skilled in those jobs the client will not be happy and you will also lose the reputation. So focus on your skill, not on the services that are most profitable.To build your empire you need to do hardwork in a smart way that is the key to success.
Hope you might understood what I am saying.


I am designer see my portfolio think before please if share positively. Thanks