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How can I know where it’s going?

I don’t have any Fiverr revenue card or Payoneer master card, I mainly withdraw money from the bank transfer option, recently for withdrawing money I have clicked on the Fiverr revenue card option, I thought the money will transfer directly to my Payoneer id, but after 48hrs I haven’t yet received any notification about my money. So where is my money? it should have been in my Payoneer id in 48hrs, but no sign of transaction in my Payoneer, what is happening right now? Has anyone ever face this problem? I really worried about my money, it was a large amount, and it is very unprofessional for fiverr or payoneer as they are not showing me any kind of notification about my money, I mean how can I know where it’s going? really frustrating, kindly help anyone! :frowning:


Sounds like something you should be contacting Customer Support about.

Customer Support

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