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How can I land that first sale? Please HELP

Hello Everyone, My name is Anthony, I’m a fresh new seller on Fiverr.

I wanted to be proactive and seek help from the community on my Digital Illustration gig.

  • I’m looking to improve and optimize my gig and profile so that I can attract buyers.

I’ve read articles and looked through forum posts on getting started and setting up.

They’ve been extremely helpful to me as a new user, I just wanted to take it a bit further and reach out to actual people who have more experience and would be willing to provide feedback.

Please take a look at my and Gig and profile, and let me know where I can improve. I understand everyone is busy, so I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post.



@handyart5 Go to selling>Buyer Requests and submit offer to the appropriate request with details about what you are going to serve. It will help to CASH on the first sale.

N.B.: As a new seller, you can apply to 10 Buyer Requests per day. Try to Utilize those

Happy Selling :slight_smile:

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The starting price for a Gig with no reviews shouldn’t be more than $5 – you haven’t established yourself to the point where you could justify it.

Your random capitalization of words is off - putting as well.


Thank You! And Will Do. I will be viewing that page daily. I really appreciate you taking the time

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Thanks for the feedback! Went ahead an adjusted those errors. I’ve got to kick that bad habit. Thank you so much for taking the time to help

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