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How can I locate sellers who can locate specific types of companies for me?

How can I locate sellers who can locate specific types of companies for me?

I am looking to find the top 10 companies that offer:

sales training
sales training organizations

One example is: jeffrey gitomer

I would need the seller to provide me with the company name, url, contact name and personal email for each sales training company. I am not sure how best to search for the right seller or Gig.

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You can make you of the post a request function.

This will allow you hand pick sellers from the location you need those services.

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What does that mean?

If you on mobile, click on the menu scroll down.

You will see “post a request”

Click on it and post exactly what you want; the time you need it delivered, budget, etc.

A lot of sellers will apply for the job giving you a handful of sellers to pick from.

I know how to get such data though.


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They are saying that Fiverr has a ‘post a request’ function. You can locate it on the website or app once logged in. There, you can post a detailed description of what you need. Ex. What you posted above. Sellers will then see your request and can give you offers. You then select the seller you wish to work with. Hope that helps.


You will get a plethora of offers from Buyer Requests. Be sure to vet them thoroughly. Some of the sellers on there may offer to do something they are not qualified to do.

You can vet them by checking their reviews and gig offerings. Also by interacting with them through the message system :love_letter: , you will be able to tell if you will be compatible communication wise.

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