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How can i log in on html site?

To the website builder and programmers in the house, I got the blog management order, I have to post an article on the blog for the next 14 days.
I have all the site login details, can someone put me through on the commands to initiate on the site to pop out the login page? NEED ASAP

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Is it a wordpress website? If it is, you can go to (website dot com)/wp-admin

Thanks, it is an HTML site

If it is a website programmed from scratch, go the the cpanel which is usually located at (website dot come)/cpanel.

Can you help with that?

thanks, I just gain access I am trying to post an article can you help with that

Do you have HTML knowledge? If so, usually you would need to go to the MySQL from the CPanel page. From there, you need to find the database of where all blog posts are being stored at. You post the article there, but the layouts need to be programmed with HTML.

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I can see three MYSQL here, MYSQL Database, MYSQL DATA WIZARD then remote MYSQL, I click on all but it saying I should creat a new user

Does the website even have any article on it? Where would he usually post it on?

let me check right away

To be honest, you need to stop this right now before you do something wrong. You should not have agreed to work on a project which you don’t have the skills to deliver. Contact your buyer and say something like you are sorry but can they tell you step by step how to post an article on their site.Throw a little white lie in if you like and say that you are used to working with Wordpress.

it’s not really fair or professional to ask other forum users to guide you through how to do work which you are getting paid for. @fostdecile is helping you out a lot here. Think about taking this to an official order process in which he can help you get to grips with this situation.

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Actually, I have not gotten the order, just want to make sure I will be able to do it before I asked him or her to place an order. The seller has not for once log on the site him/herself. if the site was build in WP, I would be able to handle that easily. It now like I am getting a paid here for now.

Righty ho…

One more question, have you visited the website before? What does it look like and is there any articles on it?

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I wouldn’t mind that too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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