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How Can I maintain a stable position on Fiverr?


Why can’t my gig maintain a stable position on the fiverr page listing? The position fluctuates every now and then and in some cases, the gig will start going down uncontrollably even when good reviews are pouring in? What’s the solution to maintaining stable positioning?


No ones gigs have a stable position in the search results. The Fiverr search results are fluid and constantly changing. This appears to be by design, and how Fiverr intends it to be.

There is no solution, nor a need for one. Just be a great seller who delivers top-quality work, and you will have a better chance of ranking well in the search results.


Fiverr has so many sellers, but limited space to promote them all. For the platform to work, it’s inevitable there’d have to be a fair amount of rotation in the search results.

As nice as a high ranking is, you can’t think about it too much. Often, a person’s ranking is arbitrary. We’ve all seen new sellers enjoy top billing, and established sellers feature way down on the search page.