How can i maintain a standard order completion rate


I am new at Fiverr forum but not new at Fiverr. I was a level 1 seller. Recently I have to cancel an order, that’s why my order completion rate is below 90%. But the order was created by the buyer without any conversation. Kindly give me some suggestion, how can i maintain a standard order completion rate.


The kind of issue you have mentioned in this we can’t do anything and the buyer has right to place order without contacting you. So to stop this you need to be sure:

  1. You offer thes service which you can deliver 100% so if even user places order you can do it.
  2. You can add a note at top of GIG that Contact me before placing order (This works many a times)

However, if user places are wrong order in that apart from canceling you have no option so that is bad luck and nothing else.