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How can I make 1k/m as a WordPress expert?

I am a WordPress expert and have 4 years experience with WordPress.
I have been trying from Fiverr for almost 2 years but not succeed yet.I just wanted to know what I should do to make the only 1k in a month. What strategy should I follow? Should I create gigs related to develop a full website or should I focus on giving small service per gig?
I am confused and I don’t have any clear idea actually what I should do? Anyone can help, please !

Waiting for your kind reply and advise.

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Hello, those negative reviews are really hurting you. Never fail to deliver when someone orders. Complete each job to perfection.

When you get another order, deliver it on time and do it even better than they expected.
Work hard on it and complete it.

This site is desperate for really professional, excellent website developers and you don’t have much competition but you have to be very professional or you won’t make it.


Hi, Thanks for your kind advise, but sometimes client order before asking me anything and in that case many of time I am not able to do the job and I had to cancel, what is the solution of these cases?


the best solution is that to mention in your GIG and also in a package that “contact before placing an order”. And the second best solution is that to make a GIG in very detailed that the user will clearly understand and when the user will get all the idea then he will order and 100% chances he will contact you before placing an order.


Why would you force buyers to contact you before placing an order? Are you not confident in your skills? Is your gig so terribly written that you have no confidence in how you have presented your services? If you have strong skills, and you are offering them for sale, have confidence in what you do. Let buyers place orders, and work with them to provide what they need.

If you can’t do something, then don’t offer it in a gig.

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The solution is to cancel the order before it goes late, not let it run late so the buyer cancels.


Great Idea, thanks.:grinning:

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