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How can i make a awesome gig?

any tips for having a good career in fiverr ?aslo any tips for getting client request faster and more

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Sure. Work hard, and market and promote your gigs.

Nope. There are none. Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. If you want to be successful here, you’re going to have to be willing to work hard – and be patient. Sales will come when they come, and they will be directly proportional to the amount of work you put into them.


Research already top seller GIGS and then create unique one.


Why you Not Read Fiverr academy :hushed:

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@prottoyroyaiub At first you see other gig…then you gather experience and create awesome gig.:grinning:

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Everyone said you all tips
My way:

  1. Work hard
    2.Work harder then First way(1.Work hard)
    3.Work hardest
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thank you all for giving me such a awesome and useful tips .i am very much benefited having those valuable tips

thanks bro i have already done it and make a gig also .thanks for ur tip

any tips for promoting my gig ???/

thanks bro already started reading

Figure out who your target customers are. Then, determine where those customers are located – where they can be found (online and/or off). Once you know these two things, then go to where those customers are located, and think of creative ways in which you can tell those target customers about the services that you offer here on Fiverr.

YOU are going to have to figure out what those creative ways will be. Those are, after all, YOUR gigs, and YOUR target customers. We cannot help you market your gigs. YOU are the only person that can do that. And if you don’t feel comfortable marketing your gig, then perhaps you can hire one of the many freelance marketers here on Fiverr.

Be willing to work hard to EARN your success. There are no shortcuts to success.


thank you for your precious tip

try every day to improve your skills and promoting your gigs.
read Fiverr Academy its too helpful

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You’re welcome for my awesome help. :wink:

thanks a lot .new here but people like you are helping me a lot

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so that gig is everything .i have already made one gig i guess need to make the rest gigs in order to get orders ?am i right ???

such a nice and motivational speech .lots ot thanks again

You’re welcome. Good luck.