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How can i make a come back?


I was doing some video editing on fiverr during quarantine, I was also student in video/audio production but april 15 i got some serious health problems and have stoped everything I was making since 4 months.
So i have lost all my regular customers, and fiverr job has to be my “official” job for now due to my handicap because i’m am unable to work in real life, neither continue my studies.
So I was wondering, now that I’ve been not active since 4 months, my profile probably doesn’t have any visibility now, is it like restarting everything from the begining ?
Also, my internet connexion is bad so I sometimes switch with my 4G, can I get banned for this ? Because I know we can get banned for absolutly any reason here.


You have reviews, so no, it’s not like starting from nothing.

No, you will not be banned for using an alternate connection.

No, there’s always a specific reason for a ban. We don’t always get to know the details of what that is, but it’s always a result of breaking the rules.


Thank you for you answer, once again you help me ^^
It was hard already to make video editing job, and now it’s even harder because 4 months ago, i was bored during quarantine, so i played the guitar with a bad headphone during 5 hours and i got severe hyperacusis and tinitus, which means i can barelly tolerate sounds and noise :’(

Welcome to Fiverr forum… :slightly_smiling_face: