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How can i make a complaint about an irresponsible seller?

My 1st time like a byuer in fiverr was an unpleasant surprise… I have given 50$ for a logo desing ,the seller is fragglesrock a top rated seller in here…The order should have been delivered on 24th/10 …He sent me 1 logo with 1 backround instead of 5 that i paid,and he was gone…I tried to find him,he responded only when i told him that i would e mailed fiverr support,he promised he will deliver my order ASAP (!!) ,then he told me that i can have a refund,i tried to be patient and i trusted him again…but NOTHING.I dont know what can i do now…I requested a modification so i could earn time.

Very very bad experience. I think i lost my time and my money here.

Sheriff’s note: calling out other users is not allowed in this forum. If you have a problem with an order, you have to create a ticket on Customer Support.

ok , sorry , i will

hi Evadokia71, sometimes I come on fiverr forums to post some comments, and I decided to post on yours.

Picture fiverr like an open market, a swamp meet of the sorts but online, when you buy here you should get to know the seller you are interested in doing business. That way you know what kind of business relationship to expect especially if there are a lot of other happy buyers from that seller.

I sell a lot on fiverr everyday, sometimes buyers message me before hand and sometimes we start talking within the orders but we start discussing things from the start.

Sometimes sellers have a quick system of delivery because of the lower prices they already offer on fiverr so sometimes we miss things if there is no clear communication. If you ordered 5 it might take sometime more then the gig stated to deliver such a larger quantity order. It happens to me all the time, that is why I limit my customers 2 orders per day and I don’t combine orders either. If you wanted 5 logos done, you should have done 1 at a time unless you needed them fast then it would only be nice to compensate the seller for the rush time you ask for.

If he offered a refund you should take it, because then you can start over with another seller on fiverr.

There are many ways to handle these situations and the best thing to always do, is try out your sellers first.

I would be happy to help you out with any of my services just as long as I know what you want, how much of it, how fast you want it and give me specific details and communicate with me before proceeding with any order.

I wish you the best of luck on fiverr. Its been good to me as a seller and buyer.

I highly recommend you give it one more try.



he offered a refund and he wrote that I AM NOT a genuine buyer !!! That i got a logo but i asked for refund !! me??? of course i declined.

anyway i mailed customer support,i want to show them all our conversations.

i am very very disappointed…

oh and when he offered me a refund ,i told him to keep 5$ for the logo he designed,the other 40$ i paid was for “Send PSD with 5 burled Backgrounds and All Editable Vector…” and 5$ tip …and he told me that he doesnt want anything.And then…he wrote that i am not a genuine buyer/prof buyer. fffffffff

cancel what?

my order? without checking on him??? they dont care about their toprated sellers??

i am from greece…we still have some pride here…

Reply to @joeyperezwest: i didnt order 5 logos,i ordered what he was offering,1 logo with 5 backrounds.He sent me only 1.