How can i make a lot of sales here in fiverr? Can anyone give some tips to boost my sales?


Hello, nice to be here.

I’ve been a member here for about a year now and i wish to make a lot of sales. Can anybody give me some advise? :slight_smile:


Get some videos on your gigs so that they are more appealing.

Also I suggest adding a few more gigs. Maybe have a look at your skills and search for them in the Fiverr Search bar to gain Inspiration!


I always say contact requests. It might not be getting you tons of sales but you can catch a few every now and then with this method.


I think you should create 20 gig and give different quality services or products always deliver on time, more feedbacks you get more visibility of your gigs will be.


If you have already in this for 1 year now you can try different things to make your gigs shine…Modify your description as far as you think it is perfect…add a video if you can…If you can’t make a video by yourself then you can purchase that service from a person who do video editing…try to offer something new…or try to be competitive in your service…

Quality must be maintained very well…

have some promoting… :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums, pull up a chair and sit a spell


Look around and see what gigs are performing well. That gives you an idea of what people are willing to pay for.

Then think of similar gigs you could offer. Of course, you could just copy popular gigs and deliver more than the competitors, but you might be selling yourself short that way. It’s better to think up something original, so you don’t have any competitors (at first :wink: )


I can help you all in a way that is the best method for the ratings and earning also.

IMP: If anyone of you not receved any rating or sale on your gig, I am ready to purchase that GIG and after purchasing I’ll give 100% rating to your GIG to boost your GIG sales. FOr that matter you also have to purchase any of my gig in support of this. This is purely GIVE and TAKE.

Benefit is that you gets the rating of your GIG and I also.

If you agree with this great Idea, Just have and order and get an order now.




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i googled and found this i am gonna try out this method to earn a lot


Sheriff’s Note: Posting Off Fiverr links is not allowed.


Sheriff’s Note: Posting Off Fiverr links is not allowed.


As marketing experts we get asked this all the time. We have just launched a new service to help people increase sales, doing exactly what we did to achieve 1000 sales within eight months.

One of the problems people have, is they launch a fiverr gig but do not promotion. You have to promote the gig to generate traffic and then you have to hope the gig gives off the right information to achieve a sale. If the gig is receiving high traffic but no sales, then you need to look at the description.

Press releases are an excellent way to generate fiverr gig sales, also twitter and facebook are another great way. Forums are also good to let people know about your gig, but remember, you need to promote them if you want to achieve sales.


Hi. I am new here and have the same question. Many people have said read the tips and advice articles in the forums. I did that. Promoting your gig on Twitter and Facebook was mentioned in the forums. I’ve done that. For me, it did not work. I printed out some business cards with links to my gigs and handed them out in town, yesterday. I handed out about 100 cards. That hasn’t worked, yet. I made sure to use keywords in my gigs. So far, I only have 21 views between my 2 gigs and 1 sale in 2 days. I know I must be doing something horribly wrong. But, I can’t figure out what.


Visit webmaster and internet marketing forums to post your gig, use free backlinks, personal blog or web2.0 sites or social medias like facebook, instagram, pinterest, twitter. i hope this little information helps, thanks.


Reply to @georgedesigns: The key to success in the freelancing world is hard work and patience. By hard work i mean promoting in various ways, personally i spent around 4 hours per day promoting my online endeavors, in some cases i see results in just a couple of weeks, other times it can take years. The thing to remember is no promotional work is ever wasted, the cards you handed out today might bring you a new client next week or next year.

Just keep at it


to create video about your gig helps you to get good sales :)>-


I am waiting to get more sales in


I was doing good sale in fiverr for couple of months. But all of sudden during last few days (almost 10 days) I didn’t receive a single order from a new buyer. Anyone have any idea? :-/