How can i make at least 1000$ every month on fiverr with my gig


How can i make at least 1000$ every month on fiverr with my gig


Well, it depends on your services and sales.
There’s is no specific answer of your question, you should know​ that! :confused:



As a BRAND NEW SELLER… Be Realistic… Aiming that high straight out of the gate is too far-fetched. Work on your gigs and other stuff. Fiverr will not make you a milli :moneybag: overnight.


Here is my 2 cents which is for from $1000 lol, but I would say hardly anybody makes money going after money, but many people make money when the do their passion.

So I would say work gigs that are your passion

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Wise words full of wisdom.


If you deliver what you offer time and time again then your ratings will improve and you will get more orders and sales. There is no secret formula with fiverr. Be good at what you do time and time again.


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hard work. it is :slight_smile:


@teamwork10 I believe the best thing you could do is to lower your packages. I’m a strong advocate of people being paid what they deserve (and I do not question your experience at all) but, you’re new here and this means that people will be kinda reluctant to place $$ orders with you since there isn’t any social proof of skills and competencies (aka reviews).
I know this might be frustrating but take it from me, I started doing my readings on $5 and after a few glowing reviews, I upgraded my package quotes and still, people come back for sessions :slight_smile: However, it was important to have a “low risk” price for them to test the waters first :slight_smile:

Besides these, you could
a.use a real pic of your team instead of this stock photo
b.include the name/s of people in charge on this account (I hate when I don’t know how to address a seller)
c.tweak your mini bio so that it translates into the teams quality skills
b.take a good look at your gigs’ content for the necessary edits for a more flawless result.

Best of luck