How can I make it more clear?


Hi guys,

I’m a little irritated as a result of the lack of direction clients are giving me. I do whiteboard animations for the most part, and have CLEARLY said that you, as a client, need to show me SPECIFICALLY where you want the images placed in the animation. I have had many clients order, send me a bunch of image files and presume I know where they want them placed. If I just chuck them in random spots or simply exclude them from the animation, of course I have to redo it, wasting my time. Upon ordering, I have even written:


and yet people STILL cannot give me specific directions. I just get around 10 random images which mean nothing to me, and am expected to produce a top quality video with literally no clue what to do with the images. I have had to spend several days just to explain to clients that they need to be specific, and yet they STILL don’t modify the script specifying where they want the images placed.

Unfortunately I don’t possess the skill where I have the ability to presume things for clients.


I think the way you could only really improve on the instruction you’ve already given would be to give your buyers an example of what kind of direction you need? Maybe a video that you can send to buyer that don’t provide enough information, so that they can see exactly what kind of instructions to send? For example, as the video drew each picture, it would also write an example of the instruction that would need to be given so that the buyer’s picture could be placed in that same manner? Does that make sense at all?


yes, @allast, as @emasonwrites says, make a video about it or what worked for me is, making a questionnaire with the questions that have to be specified, don’t start working unless they filled in the list. I’m a computer repair man and I had problems parallel to yours, people weren’t specific enough on what to save, what to delete, which programs they needed, the necessary pw’s, used codes for payed software and so on. So every problem that I found, I made a question about it and put it on paper (you can make it digital) and I told them, I couldn’t start working unless they gave me every detail I needed. Maybe you can give it a try.



I can relate, people who are to brief are frustrating. Yesterday I got a client wanting a logo and all he said was “need logo, hand dryer”. No name, colors, style or even a direction to go in! Needless to say the whole order process was like this, I provided him with drafts and examples and all he has to say was “more stylish”. I FINALLY got it in the end, hooray - and all he said was “yes”. Haha I guess English wasn’t he strong point, but yes buyers putting just a little more description would help everybody.


I do white board videos also. Check your orders right after they are placed. If you don’t have good instructions, ask them to send the script with file names in brackets right in the script. Send them a paragraph of a sample of what you mean. “I bought a hair dryer (hairdryer.jpg).” If they don’t respond in a day or so, I would add the images to the script and send the script back for approval and see if you get a response. Every 10th job is just going to be a pain. You can count on it. Just put the extra time in for that hard order and make it the easiest process for the customer. Even thought it was painful for us. Most mistakes the customer makes are because they don’t understand the work process. If they understood it, they wouldn’t ask us to help. We really want to be able to help them. I know how you feel, I did the wrong script last week because the customer had sent several different scripts. I felt like I did the 2 minute video 2 and a half times. Another one last week kept changing the script. They just don’t understand how difficult that is for white board. We put a lot of focus on each little job, they order a job like they are going through the drive thru talking on there cellphone. Great work you are doing. Good to meet you!


well I wrote the name of the image in the scipt above and the system tried to show it. But you get the idea!


I don’t think a video will solve the problem in some cases. Right now I’m discussing with a client (ongoing for the last 4 nights) that he has to tell me where he wants the images, but he continues to insist that “it’s not hard” despite no direction. I’m tempted to cancel it, but have already spent around an hour on the video alone, plus the customer service time. It’s quite obvious they don’t speak English too well, but I have no idea why they won’t simply comply with my instructions. It would save both of us so much time and frustration.