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How can I make more people buy my logo design Gig


Hello please I am a new seller with only 2 sales under my belt (both of which weren’t logo design). I want to know how to make more people actually buy my Gig instead of only viewing and clicking (because I actually have a a lot of those I believe 100 views and about 50 or so clicks. So I need to know if it is something with my gig description or what. Because I actually do make quality logos but I don’t think people know the great deal they are getting


Welcome! I hope you will be fine… I want to suggest you create 1 post weekly on forum and send daily 10 buyers request to engage more clicks, impression and sales… You can also give buyers new things with new discount promotions and then you will get good and happy impressions :slight_smile:


I can’t access buyer requests yet though


@waqas_masood is right. Those are things you can do. Also make your descriptions understandable.