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How can I make mutual cancellation?

So my client wants to cancel the order after delivery. I am afraid of a bad review or the cancellation would affect my profile. How can I do mutual cancellation I can’t find it anywhere? Please help .

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Hello Mariam,

Mutual cancellation is when you or the buyer open a cancellation request and it gets accepted by you or the buyer. It will certainly affect your profile. However, the buyer won’t be able to leave a review since the order is cancelled.

You can open a cancellation request from heading to the resolution center in the order page and from there, you should be able to do that.


Why he cancel the order, is there any fault from your side?

The buyer wanted to add text to a template she sent me to be delivered within 2-4 hours. Within the next half an hour I sent her as she wanted. She didn’t like it and I asked why she gave very late replies and yet didn’t give any clear modifications and asked to use a different template on a site ( she didn’t state which one exactly she wanted to use) so I used the one with same theme she sent me. I sent her modifications and send her many previews. And after a very long wait and of course the time she wanted ( Which was 4 hours) was up I asked her if she wanted to do any modifications before delivery time ( 1 day) was over still no answer. So I delivered files as stated in the offer using the very little info of modifications she gave me and then she wants to cancel now. So it was not my fault at all, she replied too late with no clear demands and I had to work with the little info I had but the 4 hours was already up of course.