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How can I make my gig look better and more professional?

Hi there! My name is Freya and I have just started my journey on Fiverr. I am an aspiring writer and am currently looking for my first sale.

I would just love to receive some input on my gig’s layout so far. Does it look professional? Is there anything I could change?

Thank you so much! :slight_smile:



Hi Freya, Your gig looks professional. Also You kept a short story in gallery, so layout looks perfect!
To improve my inputs are:

  • You should mention the what you are under username (like avid reader, storyteller, creative writer), you can change it in profile settings
  • Put more gigs like you can write (if you can) 500 word stories in various categories like 1. Children stories 2. novel outlines 3. fantasy or thriller story 4. Proofreading 5. translator gigs 6. Travel stories ( you can think on your own)

This will increase your chance getting first sale. It will improve your gig views when client searches for that type of work or story.

[and last, I don’t know it will improve your gig or not but you can try : you can write your favourite short story in your handwriting and put it on gig gallery (if your handwriting is good! :slight_smile: ]

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