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How can I make my gig more attractive?


How can I make my gig more attractive?


First Of all research about your service then create your gig according to your skills properly , best of luck


research some best gigs in fiverr so that get an idea how to create perfect gig description, image but not copy any of them. after that creat your gigs with best title description and image according to your skill.


Thanks brother for the suggestion


what will happen if I copy images on my gig??


writing must be attractive.


At first, use eye-catching gig images. Because it brings the first impression of your gig.
Offer something exceptional that other sellers aren’t offering.
Highlight your main offers/services in the description.
Select an appropriate title.


its against TOS so you will lost your fiverr id. Hope clear. Attractive image create an impact.


This is against fiverr rules. Never ever try to do this. Your profile will be banned. Try to create your own.


Thanks brother for thehe information


create gig video…that boost your gigs


where can i find gig video??youtube?




gig video is an essential tools. make point-wise description of your service. focus on the key points. Good luck


No. You have to create your own video. Video length must be less than 1minute


you have to create your own…by rowshots or powtoon


first of all you study on some seller profile and do so study