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How Can I make my Gigs Popular, on Fiverr and get Clicks and buys?



Can you help me, how to be more productiove with Sales?

My Story: I started Fiverr with not High Expectations… Quick Registration… On my Holiday as I shortly Checked my mail, saw suddinly for 2 days lots of emails and relatively lots of buys about +12.

How did that Happen?

Only on 2 Days. How Can I be again getting as popular as on those days? I didn’t pay any extra attention.

Since I am delivering, I got very great Feedbacks and Testemonials everyone supersatisfied.

I got 3 Cancelled because of the Time,

Therefore My rating 79% at this point.

Can it be, that because of this, I am not on the Front listings?

Custumer Service Said Fiverr Workers picking Gigs to be Futured…

Do you think I should start a new Account?

Or Shall I contact the once who cancelled? How can I do that?

Or is there a Specific time to put the Gig on.

Thank you for your Support, I highly appreciate it.




Front page is random.

79% isn’t horrible, but it’s not great either. Work hard to pull it back up.

Start a new account? You can cancel this one and start over. Buy why?

You should have dealt with the cancellations before they happened or at the time they happened. It’s too late to deal with it now. Move on.

Good luck!


I have posted some advice today about how to promote your gig. What you should be doing is looking around where you live. Look at local newspapers and radio stations and gain free promotion. Check out the posting for more info, but people are missing out by not using their local media.


Reply to @voiceoverwork: ok. Thank you