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How Can I make sales?


How can I make sales?, Any experience person can tell me!!.. i am so much confuse on fiverr to not getting sales


If it’s guys only you’re looking for, I’m sure there’ll be one along in a minute… :wink:


Well, I’m a female :merperson:t4: so I can’t help. :neutral_face:


Unfortunately, Guys are always late to the party. :face_with_monocle:

Read some threads from this section:
To improve your gigs:
For some tips:
And the Academy

When you are done, take advantages from “Buyer Requests” section.
Work hard! :sunny:


ok dont do. even you can’t comment but how you did


Thank goodness you arrived @n4y33m :grinning:


thanks for valuable suggesion. actually i am new here


ok its not for you. dont waste your time here


You don’t need to ask for help to any specific person. All “guys n gals” are helpful around you. Just ask the questions, you will get the valuable suggestions.

And, yes, I didn’t actually look at your thread so closely, just replied based on previous replies, I’m not sure about I’m an “experienced guy” or not! Sorry… xD


Well, that was rude. Is it really anyone else’s fault that you asked for “experience guy” in the first iteration of this post?

Also, if you’re so confused, why not start reading the forum that has a section devoted to tips for sellers?




That’s a cutie! I can watch that all day everyday!



This is most amusing :joy:

So many people tearing into someone who can’t speak proper English on the forums. It’s funny! :laughing:


Grow up people, and get a life.


NOPE, this aint funny nor true.

Thats the actual reason.

Now how about having a little fun with a dyslexic or someone too lazy to read. :wink: