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How can i make sales


Hello, i need the assistant of my fellow professionals on here.
i have up to nine gigs and i keep getting over 1k clicks 10k impressions and views but yet no sales.
i have gone through my gig description to review it countless time and even reduced my prices but yet there is no sale. pls help me out…

you can check my profile

i am open to any suggestion or advice…


I just looked at your best selling gig. It’s very well done with nice graphics and great description. I really don’t see anything wrong with it.

Could possibly be that people are curious so they check you out but may not need it right now. It is a rather unique gig.


just stay online as much as you can


I have to disagree. Staying online will not get you orders if you have terrible gigs.

The OP, Hellen, has very well thought out gigs - When someone needs service, I believe she will get orders regardless of being online.


You have quite a few gigs with lower ratings. We all get difficult customers from time to time, but right now out of nine gigs 4 have lower ratings. That’s not a good sign.

There’s no explanation on your side either. For example, if you’re late with the delivery the apology and an explanation would be nice.


Share your gig on social media to get more impression, and aslo your gig cover images to do as possible as attractive best wishes for you :+1::100::+1:


You are basically spamming the forums with this ‘advice’ at this point.