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How can I make sure a seller is reliable?


I’m looking for someone to fix some wordpress features in my blog and I’ll have to give him/her my password. I’m checking the comments as well as the reputation of the seller, there’s one prospect seller that is LEVEL 2, are LEVEL 2 seller more reliable or are they just more experienced? How can I protect myself from having my site stolen?


Talk to your host. Most hosts have a way you can provide limited access to their server and protect most of your data. Also make a backup of your site – files - database, etc. Your host should be able to help you with how to do this.


Comments and ratings mean nothing on Fiverr. Ratings and comments can be created easily thats why most of them are the same comment. Fiver have allowed sellers to be able to cancel an order if you leave negative feedback so I doubt if you will ever see the negatives. Unfortunately you can’t stop them from copying files. I use this bloke

He is very professional.


You could set up a development version of your website that is on a different server so that you can test the changes before you make them on your live site.


Reply to @dynamitemark: And how many of those comments were bought? 50? 100? 200? I’m here to make money, why would I pay someone to write me a positive review? That costs me money.

Comments and ratings mean EVERYTHING. I started like everyone else, as a level 1, with zero ratings. My LinkedIn gig is fairly new, which is why I only have two positive ratings. My TV gig has 1 review. My gig idea gig has zero reviews. My most popular gig has 234 reviews. So if we’re paying for reviews, why would I allow some of my gigs to have 1 or no reviews?

Yes, Fiverr allows restitution in some cases, if a buyer gets his money back, he’s not entitled to leave a bad review. After all, the damage was undone.

However, I do have some bad reviews, 15 between all my gigs. Some buyers are mean and would rather leave a bad review than get their money back. So what? I have 1,300 positive reviews, that’s probably what keeps me selling, and if Fiverr brought back the queue to see how busy some of my gigs are, I would probably get even more sales.


Hire someone with great reviews, but don’t give him your password. On Wordpress there’s a thing called “users,” you can create a user name and a password for him. Then when the job is done, you can delete that user name. You might have to ask your seller for his e-mail because that’s usually how Wordpress sends the password. Depending on what he’s doing, you might make him an administrator or an editor. I prefer the later option because an administrator can remove you and can steal your blog.

However, techies on Fiverr are decent folks, they’re not here to steal anything, just make a little money doing a simple task. If you’re really scared, hire a TRS. Guys like us never mess with Fiverr because this is our livelihood. The chicken that lays our golden eggs, and that’s one chicken we don’t want to lose.


You can make a new email and as fastcopywriter said, just give him editor rights.

After job is completed, just remove user.

You are in control of email and password. When he or she is done, just change password on that email. And you can use that email again for future needs of changing site.

Also when you looking on seller you should look for level 2 or trs with alot of review. Some of level 2 are new. I saw level 2 yesterday with 10 reviews only.


One of my pakistani Friend @aaliyaan is wordpress expert and also top rated seller you should Hire him for any wordpress work :slight_smile:


Hey folks, I’m really sad right now. We created this Fiverr acccount specially for wordpress services & no recommendations from anyone - :frowning:


Reply to @wpfalcon: don’t worry man. Just keep on worknig and learning new stuff everyday. you’ve got great ratings since the time you’ve been here, which is short. It is quite better as compared to other new sellers here.


Reply to @kay2809: Bro, I was just joking. Btw thanks & I know my rating is good. Completed more than 150 orders in less than 5 months. Only 1 negative review since september 2014 & I don’t think it’s a fair review by buyer.

We serve all of our clients equally & we treat all clients with equal respect, regardless of their origin, race, age, social status, creed, gender.

Your gigs are gr8 too, Keep it up :slight_smile:


Guys, you are great! Thank you so much for taking the time to advise me! All your comments were really helpful in order to help me to make up my mind. Thank you so much.


You have to be watchful at all Times!!


Reply to @loudernet: this is the best advice. For the dev version ensure you remove any sensitive data.