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How can I make unique gig?

*I am new in fiverr. I want some tips to increase my fiverr gig unique and gig rank quickly.


Welcome to the forum.
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Hello @apurbo_64
First & foremost welcome to Fiverr. That’s really a good question. how can I make a unique gig?
I am going to explain to you what I follow.

  1. Initially, you need to decide what’s your service take paper or notepad and write it down.
  2. Now you have to use Fiverr search option. Search and see other’s gigs & of course, use the keyword that is your own keyword.
  3. If you don’t know what is keyword then please google it ti’s a vast thing I can’t explain here. Shortly I can say it’s the main word for your gig. Suppose you are a WordPress developer & you are going to give a service on WordPress then WordPress is your main keyword.
  4. Keep that in mind don’t copy others. Just take an Idea to watch other gigs. What actually they made and trust me you will get a huge knowledge.
  5. User a unique image & fully SEO friendly description, Mostly important tags. This is so important.
    Research a lot yourself you will find a better way to make a unique gig.
    Thanks & best of luck :boxing_glove:

Research others gig and get idea than create your gig. but do not do copy paste

thanks for this suggestion


ok i shall follow your

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It really helped… Thanks


thanks. appreciateable