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How can i make you tip me?

i know a lot of sellers spend so much time on their gigs and they give a 50 dollar service for 5 dollars but don’t get any tips.

i know this myself that on my drawings i spend from an hour and a half to three hours to make a drawing but i don’t get tipped.

is there any way that I can make my customers tip me, a lot of my customers say they will tip me but never do :frowning:

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One client insisted he wanted to tip me since he was so happy with the spell I cast so I put up a tip gig just for him. But it didn’t feel right to me so I took it down. I’m not a waitress. I’m a respected professional Witch. What I charge here does not cover the amount of time and work I do, and tips not only won’t help but feel tacky to me.

Firstly, you should not do your work knowing that you will get tipped.

This is really depending on the buyer, I have tipped some of my sellers not because of the quality but because they did an awesome job. I admire them.

Most buyers would not tip. They would either use it for the option of getting your gig done faster or etc.

The key to getting tips is by constantly improving your clients satisfactory rate.

Good luck

:slight_smile: Joe

You can’t “make” them. That is called a charge. A tip is a voluntarily offered bonus for someone who performs a well done service. The name of this company is Fiverr. You must offer a service for $5.

Why do put a Tip “gig”. It could be nice if the dollar amount is not set up, in that way the buyer just enter way they want tip. Or do the tip gig in increments of $5.00

I don’t expect tips. I get questions occasionally from clients about how they can tip me and I tell them I don’t expect or want any tips. Try to let them know in your gig description to purchase a gig extra so you are getting what you deserve.

i dont like the tips gig

how is “i will accept any tip from you " even acceptable on fiverr? How is that a service that the seller will prove the buyer?

Dont get me wrong , I know some sellers are kind enought to say " i want to tip you” but i think there should be an option right after the buyer delivers the work , when the seller recieves the service there should be a little button right bellow “postivie or negative review” that says " Tip this seller , offering from $1 to $20 . This way we dont have to waste one gig slot on " i will accept any tip from you " .

Thats my opinion.

<3 Biancha.

I have had buyers say they would tip me and then not do so. It doesnt bother me either way.Change the way you charge, then add up-sells. For your drawing, make them size dependent so you draw a small picture for $5.00 but for $10.00 you will draw an even larger on. You could even make it for colored images vs black and white. I have a tip gig and i will keep it up until or if Fiverr adds the option for the buyer to give a tip to the buyer after the sale is completed. Happy customers are more likely to give tips. More revenues for us and for Fiverr.

I agree with the other posts here. Change your gigs so that your work gets your the money you deserve.

I have a tip gig because I had some buyers who kept “ordering” my gigs as a tip. And then there were people asking me how to tip me and didn’t know how. So I created the tip gig.

Like @kjblynx said, Fiverr doesn’t offer the option to tip after the gig is done.

Reply to @kjblynx: i fixed it :slight_smile: sorry, my english is not that good . My main lang is spanish , en espanol hablo muy bonito, si? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah , maybe in the future they will integrate that option into the fiverr site.

Reply to @biancha: I agree it would be PERFECT function. I think many buyers would tip if they could give only 1-2 dollars, tipping 5 dollars is not as good. And I would prefer it over having tipping gig as well :confused:

Here’s another good conversation with some good perspectives about tips:

Reply to @biancha: I like this idea, after the gig is completed they can select the tip they might want to give when they are reviewing. i think having something like from $1 going up would be good than starting from $5, because usually a gig is $5 and people usually would not want to pay double the money as a tip.

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Reply to @ynneblack: yeah it will save us a lot of trouble, and i think its more flexible , that way we dont have to create a gig only for tips and the buyer will decide if we are worth tiping or not :slight_smile:

Reply to @superfunart: Yeah, i think this way sellers and buyers will get along better, in the sense that we will get a tip randomly after completing an order, that feels 100% better and has the “wow” factor that creating a tip gig lacks, because when we see " tip gig has been purchased" we already know, not only that this option will save us the trouble of “delivering” something to the buyer that is not real.

Some people wont like this because the tip gig helps them get stars to level up , and my idea will eliminate that. I think its a more honest way to level up by just the work and not the tips.

<3 Biancha

I’m a buyer and I want to tip for good work done but Fiverr wont allow it anymore, silly because it’s more money for them. They had a feature where you can add quantity amount of jobs up to 8 at a time and that was how I tipped, by just using the quantity option and I was able to tip up to $40, 8 x$5 now that option isn’t available anymore. Also when I want to give multiple jobs to one seller I have to do it one by one that means filling in payment details at check out multiple times instead of just once, a real nuisance.