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How can i marketing my gig in right way

Is marketing too important for order and how can i marketing my gig in right way ? Please help me for the right path .


Yes, marketing is very important and you can market your gigs in two ways.

Marketing Your gig On Fiverr
You can market your gig on fiverr by

  1. Staying online for at least 12 hours everyday. You gig will appear under normal search and will also appear when “Show Online Sellers” filter is applied so the chances of getting a customer increases.
  2. Serve your customers on Fiverr in the best possible way and request them to recommend you in their circles! This is a great way to do chain marketing.
  3. Market your services by offering your gigs in the Buyer Request section. This helps you to directly approach customers who are already on fiverr and looking for services that you offer.

Marketing Outside of Fiverr

  1. Market your services in your local community and request your customers to pay you on Fiverr.
  2. Share your gigs periodically on social media especially Linkedin and twitter.
  3. Find companies/individuals outside of Fiverr who need services that you offer and invite them to Fiverr to get paid.

Hope it helps.


Its really helpful. Thanks to share these tips.

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Thanks a lot, i got it , i am new seller , i am little bit confused that all !

My pleasure… :slight_smile:

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Helpful suggestions for new comer. Thanks a lot.

You welcome…

i am new on fiverr…thanks!!!